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Upscale comfort food and home style hospitality in a historically distinct setting.

Our menu features a modern twist on traditional Lewiston+Auburn favorites, alongside innovative railroad-inspired comfort food dishes

Built in the early 1870s, Grand Trunk Station serviced the Lewiston-Auburn rail line that connected to the larger Montreal-Portland railroad.

The line transported nearly 25,000 migrants, particularly French-Canadians, to work in the mills and shoe-making factories along the Androscoggin River.

Known to locals as both “The Depot” and “The Ellis Island of Maine,” the station became a bustling hub, as thousands of immigrants arrived to work in the booming industrial towns, driven by the textile mills and the shoe fabrication factories.

The extraordinary history of this location inspired our family to create a venue that would capture the classic spirit of travel and new world adventure.

Our hope is that by restoring this landmark, our community will have a place to connect to our roots, and to each other, through the comforts of North American food traditions.